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7 Hollow metal doors

Door Features:

Eagle Steel Industries standard & custom made steel doors, frames and windows are manufactured to the highest industry standards with many features exceeding the minimum requirements set forth in those standards. Fabrication is in accordance with SDI-100, HMMA 860, HMMA 861, HMMA 867 and ANSI A250.8.

Doors and Windows Compliance standards/Features Area of application

Fire - Rated Steel Doors & Frames

• UL 10B (Neutral Pressure)
• UL 10C (Positive Pressure)
• Fire - Rated up to 3 hours

• Industrial Buildings
• Commercial Buildings
• Residential Buildings
•Institutional Buildings

Fire - Rated Steel Doors Panel

• Certified with diff. vision panel
configuration and louver requirements
• UL 10B and UL 10C

• Industrial Buildings
• Commercial Buildings
•Residential Buildings
• Institutional Buildings

Fire - Rated Metal Window Frames

• UL 9 (Neutral Pressure)
• UL 9 ( Positive Pressure)

• Industrial Buildings
• Commercial Buildings
• Residential Buildings
• Institutional Buildings

Metal Louver

• Fire rated and non fire - rated
•Controls air flow
• Keep out rain, dust, direct sunshine,
and noise “level up to certain level”.
• Sand trap louver
• With insect screen and bird screen

• Industrial Buildings
•Commercial Buildings
• Residential Buildings
• Institutional Buildings

Steel Substation Door & Frame Assembly

• Designed to suit different
substation requirements in compliance with different
GCC countries standards.
• Metallic type, steel, stainless Steel or Aluminum

• Electrical Transformer substation
• Electro - mechanical substation

Insulated Wall Panel and Partition

• Temperature rise control
• Noise level control
• Fire -rated wall partition

Refrigeration area
•Cold Store
• Chemical Storage