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Structural Steel Fabrication


ESI and its national associations are one of the most innovative steel structure designers & fabricators and consist of a team of Structural Engineers, Architects, Project Managers and Technical Hands who are well experienced in the Design, Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steel, PEB, Space frames, Multistory Steel Buildings, Large Span Roofing, Storage Tanks, Waste Management Products System and more while maintaining full compliance to the national and international Steel Design Building Manuals, Codes and Standards and customer satisfaction.

OUR Structural steel products are custom-designed and workshop fabricated hot rolled steel complying with international standards and welded steel structures for different applications such as and not limited to heavy industries, power plants, oil & gas, petrochemical industry, high rise/commercial buildings, airports and other specialized structures. We are always looking to enhance our range of products and services, including project execution.

OUR fabrication shop floors are well equipped to meet the challenges of modern world requirements in terms of quality and speed and supported with suitable high capacity state-of-the-art machineries. A fully equipped design studio supports the workshop floors with shop drawings and Engineering standards. A well experienced technical team and erection experts adds to the strength for a good performance.

Pre Engineered Buildings (PEBs)

Structural-Steel-Fabrication-1OUR Pre Engineered Building systems are sophisticated software developed systems which are designed to create buildings for a specific use. The complete building system is Pre Engineered to facilitate easy production and assembly on site with maintenance-free exteriors.

Our designs techniques for different types of PEBs and its related applications can withstand the ravages of weather, require minimum maintenance, last longer and can thereby provide a lower life cycle building cost. We make sure that all quality standards are met to its merits at our fabrication shop floor. This single window approach ensures that the customer is a hassle free experience from the stage of planning to the commissioning of building with complete design support including foundations.

Space Frame

ESI and its national associations engineering team are one of the most experienced space frame fabrication and
erection companies backed by years of experience and handful of prestigious projects. Our designers can excel with
vivid and exciting solutions in Space Frame Roofing for the following different Space Frame Types: Structural-Steel-Fabrication-2
Ball Joint Type, Disc Joint Type and Welded Joint Type

Our Space frames Products can be used to span large areas with
few interior supports. They possess an excellent appearance
with large column free spaces.

Features of space frames:

  • High rigidity and stiffness
  • Fixed over any span, allows flexibility in design and reduction of columns
  • Weight per unit area is less and gives a pleasant outlook
  • Elements are demountable and reusable
  • Gives realistic design at affordable rates

Areas of Applications:

  • Warehouses, Factories, Aircraft Hanger, Stadium
  • Sports Arena & Large Span Roofing


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